Aquabilt Testimonials

Physical Therapy Professional Testimonial

I wanted to touch base with you about our Aquabilt Aquatic Treadmill (Model PAT302).

As you may be aware, we have had this treadmill here at my office since we opened in Spring of 2004. The treadmill has been submerged virtually every day since. That's 12 1/2 years of being exposed to a very harsh environment (moisture, heat, chemicals, physical use, etc.).

Only recently did it need some minor preventive maintenance. This is a testament to the high level of quality materials, design, and production of this unit!

I highly recommend your products without reservation! Thank you again for your excellent customer support & products!

Best Regards,
Glenn D Labrozzi, PT, DPT, MBA
Physical Therapy Services of Erie

Truly amazing!!!

We recently bought a house with a pool, but I'm not a very good swimmer. I have a Precor treadmill, which I enjoy using; however, when I learned of the Aquabilt treadmill, I thought this could really allow me to get more use out of my new pool. I have not been disappointed!

The treadmill required almost no assembly (just stick the support bar into the treadmill and it is ready to drop in the pool), is lightweight (even my wife can easily move it around), and provides an invigorating workout (without any chance of feeling overheated). The Aquabilt really provides a superior workout to my land-based treadmill. If you have a pool, you must get one.

The treadmill also seems to be very solidly constructed and has no motor to burn out, so I'll be curious to learn how well it holds up over time. I'm assuming very well.


Great workout when you are nursing an injury

I'm an avid runner but recently injured my knee and couldn't run. A friend recommended the Aquabilt and I tried it out and it is amazing. i can get my runs in and keep up my training but with no pain. I love it! My knee has healed but I'm continuing to use the Aquabilt as part of my training regimen so I don't injur it again. I think every runner should use this!

-Wendy C.

Great product especially for us older guys

Great product especially for us older guys who want to stay in shape! Anyone in the family can use it and guess what, you don't sweat when you're working out!

-John Myers

It was a great purchase. Now I can work on my health ...

With back and knee surgeries, I have been unable to exercise for a long time. Recently we purchased a pool and the Aquabilt A-2000. It was a great purchase. Now I can work on my health with low impact exercising. Definitely would recommend it.

-Amazon Customer