Aquatic Treadmills - PRACTICAL USE

Low Impact High Resistance Exercise

In brief, using the Aquabilt non-motorized treadmill provides double the muscle effort and strength-building benefit because it requires use of not only the Quadriceps Muscle Group(Front thigh muscles), but unlike pool walking and motorized treadmills, also the Hip Flexors, Gluteal, Hamstring, and Calf Muscle Groups(Back of leg). This greatly increases the effort required(Calorie Burn) as well as the strength building effect, and reduces the time required to achieve these greater benefits since they are occurring during the same number of strides(or footballs) as in the pool-walking and motorized treadmill exercise.

An Aquabilt water treadmill is an efficient and powerful tool for:

  • Daily Exercise

  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

  • Serious Training Regiments

Treadmill Walking Benefits versus Pool Walking
The key difference is the reduction of time needed to obtain an equivalent benefit. Due to the resistance provided by the water surrounding the body (12x great than air), the effort and calories expended per minute are significantly greater than using a traditional land treadmill.

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