Aquatic Treadmills & Physical Therapy

If you need rehabilitation to heal from an injury, surgery or to address chronic pain, you need an Aquabilt water treadmill. Experts say being weightless in the water can addresses the pain and monotony of working through these challenges. The buoyancy of the water helps you with balance, lumbar stabilization, enahncing your mobility and your overall confidence during your physical therapy. Further more, aquatic therapy speeds up your healing process by reducing the compression of swollen joints.

An Aquabilt water treadmill helps you exercise even with conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, chronic pain, neurological and neuromuscular conditions. It is a great way to manage weight loss, sports medicine and training, as well as daily exercise programs. A water treadmill is a great option if you're looking to exercise without the extra wear and tear on your legs or if you want to bounce back more quickly after an injury.

With an aquabilt water treadmill, you'll be on the road to recovery with less joint impact and greater stability