Health Facility Discount Program

According to the Archives of Physical Medecine and Rehabilitation

An acute training period on an aquatic treadmill positively influenced joint angular velocity and arthritis-related joint pain. Acute aquatic treadmill exercise may be useful as a conservative treatment to improve angular speed of the lower-extremity joints and pain related to osteoarthritis. (source)

We're in business for fitness and in many cases that starts with rehabilitation

And we recognize that health facilities and rehabilitation centers play a key role in this goal. So as a partner to your efforts, we work with your facility to make water treadmills available as part of the healing process. Our treadmills are:

  • great for sports medicine in training and rehabilitation
  • excellent therapy for patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and neuroloigcal conditions
  • orthopedic injuries, joint sprains, replacement and general surgical rehabilitation

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