Aquatic Treadmills - CROSS TRAINING

Low Impact High Resistance Exercise

Running through water forces your muscles to work harder than air does. As a result, you get in a great workout without running as fast or as far as you normally would on land. unning on a water treadmill is actually more demanding on the cardiovascular system, due to the increased demands on the upper body as compared to running on land. Further more, running in water has 12x the resistance, similar to professional athletes training with bands or parachutes for resistance.

Using an aquatic treadmill for cross training puts you in complete control of how hard you train. Resistance is completely dependant on how hard you push yourself. Adding deep-water running to your training regimen has the potential to increase fitness and ultimately improve performance. Overall improvements in strength and cardiovascular endurance are achieved with a water treadmill.

Water teadmill workouts are an effective contribution to the cross-training routine
Workouts on a pool treadmill provides low impact and are highly beneficial in that it helps build your breathing or oxygen capacity. In addition, the resistance helps you improve your endurance and provides greater results witht he same level of commitment to your daily routine.
With an aquabilt water treadmill, you'll train hard and get better results!