About Aquabilt Aquatic Treadmills

Aquabilt delivers Fun, Fitness & Rehabilitation

The Aquabilt water treadmill is a revolutionary product, providing you with a new way of looking at water aerobic exercise. For low-impact, high resistance aerobic and strength conditioning, the durable and safe Aquabilt pool treadmill is ideal. Robust, motorless and maintenance free, an Aquabilt water treadmill used in any pool with a water level up to the mid-chest, is a great way to maxmize your exercise routine.

We are dedicated to your fitness

Aquabilt is dedicated to benefits in aquatic aerobic exercise for people worldwide. For more than 10 years, the company has designed and manufactured hydrotherapy products for physical rehabilitation and aquatic aerobic exercise. We apply our knowledge to develop state-of-the-art aquatic exercise products for the consumer, commercial and professional markets. And we are proud to say Aquabilt is made in America!

Advantages of exercising with an aquabilt water treadmill:
  • Increased balanced with reduced impact stress
  • Burn up to 50% more calories with 12x resistance in water
  • Robust, motorless and maintenance free
  • Durable and safe for in-ground and above-ground pools
  • Affordable

Learn more about our water treadmill models.

A2000 Model  PAT302 Model