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  • Safe and easy to use for all fitness levels
  • Versatile – run, walk, lunges, backwards, resistance moves
  • FUN! you’ll never know you are sweating!

The Unique Benefits of Aquabilt Pool Treadmill


Low impact and minimal recovery time


The buoyancy obtained training in water greatly reduces stress and impact on joints, bones, and muscles.


page2_icon2Improved strength with natural biomechanics


Training in water produces 12 times more resistance than training in air (on land), the time required to achieve equal benefit is greatly reduced.


Burn more calories in less time


 Typically people burn 50% more calories on an aquatic treadmill than traditional treadmills.  Reduction in calorie intake and only 4 hours per week of aquatic exercise, provides the most effective physical activity.

page2_icon4Safe and easy to use for all fitness levels


From a fitness perspective tests have proven that a 4 hour per week regimen on an Aquatic treadmill can result in an annual weight loss of approximately 44 pounds.


The Aquabilt Pool Treadmill is a revolutionary product, providing you with a whole new way of looking at aerobic exercise. For low-impact, high resistance aerobic and strength benefits, the durable and safe Aquabilt pool treadmill is ideal. Robust, motorless and maintenance free, use Aquabilt in any pool with a water level up to the mid-chest.


The following estimates are for a 30-minute workout:

• Land walking: 135 calories
• Deep water walking: 264 calories
• Jogging on land: 240 calories
• Deep water jogging: 340 calories


Get more out of your pool year round with the Aquabilt Aquatic Treadmill. Low impact, high resistance exercise for fun, fitness, and rehab, It is is the most versatile and light weight pool treadmill we have ever built.

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The PAT 302 allows the individual to exert sustained high energy output while permitting the intermittent bursts of effort followed by recovery, emulating speedwork, which are necessary to produce superior performance.

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